Veyo Pies offers stellar crusts, fillings
The Spectrum - St. George, Utah
Brian Passey
Jun 18, 2010
Veyo Pies: 4 stars

The famous Veyo Pies may now be in a different location but they're still some of the best pies you'll ever taste.

Once housed in the Veyo Merc, the pies now have their own location just across the street. Not only does the bakery sell pies good enough for Salt Lake Magazine to declare them the "best pies in Utah" in 2008, there are a host of other baked goods for sale as well.

I had tried a few slivers of pie during various trips through the Veyo area over the years but admittedly I don't get to Veyo all that often. So when I passed through the tiny town last week on my way to Pine Valley I was surprised to see the pies had their own storefront in a little white building south of what used to be the Merc.

Curious, I walked into the business to see what they had to offer. Since I was on my way north I didn't want to purchase a whole pie but the cake donuts and some strange-looking cookies called out to me.

According to one of the workers the cookies are "deep-dish cookies." They are about an inch thick on the sides but curve into a lower center. I had to try one.

Armed with a cookie and a donut, I continued my trek northward. I was skeptical about the cookie partly because I expected it to be somewhat hard. Soft cookies just seem so much better to me. Yet the deep-dish cookie was surprisingly soft.

I also thought the chocolate chunk cookie might be low on chocolate because of the cooking style but I didn't need to worry. There was so much chocolate in the cookie that some bites had more chocolate than cookie.

The plain cake donut was similar to most cake donuts you'll find in local bakeries but it did seem to be a little less greasy, while remaining moist inside.

However, I knew I couldn't review Veyo Pies without actually trying a pie or two. So on my way back through Veyo I was happy to see the bakery still open at 6:45 p.m. I stopped in and picked up a chocolate cream pie and a banana cream pie and headed south.

That evening I shared the pies with a few friends to get their opinions.

They all seemed to love the pies. The crust on the banana cream pie was especially good and among the best piecrusts I've ever experienced. In fact it was quite a bit better than most piecrusts I've ever had.

My friend Elise, who has been to culinary school, said she was impressed with the flaky, layered crust while my friend Danielle called it "exceptional."

The crust on the chocolate cream pie wasn't quite as good because it appeared to have been cooked slightly too long. Yet it was easy to overlook the fact when tasting the light and fluffy filling, which my friend Gloria described as "smooth."

Since I've been a fan of Croshaw's Gourmet Pies in St. George for quite some time I was trying to think how the Veyo pies compared to Croshaw's. The Veyo pies seemed to be better. Without a doubt I liked the silky, mousse-like filling of Veyo's chocolate cream better than Croshaw's, which was good but just not as good.

Yet when it came to the entire package, the banana cream pie and its perfect crust was the clear winner. The hand-rolled crust good enough to eat on its own but the rich, gooey filling was also bursting with flavor, adding a measure of sweetness to a healthy portion of fresh bananas between the filling and the crust.

To finish it off was a helping of thick cream (but not too thick) on top, garnished with a single cherry. I don't think I could find anything bad to say about the pie if I tried. It even tasted great a few days later when I finally finished it after sitting in my fridge for a couple of days.

It might be easy to make excuses about Veyo being too far to travel for pie but it's worth it. With a small dining area both inside and outside the bakery you don't even have to take the pie home before partaking of the goodness.

There are 18 signature pies available most days as well as other pies available by special order. See for more details.

Info Box:Veyo Pies
Location: 24 S. Main St., Veyo.
Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.
Price Range: $9.40 to $11.99 for pies.
Telephone: 574-2132.
Rating: 4 stars.