Our Top Selections!

Banana cream, our number 1 cream pie seller!
Fruit Pies: $13.99
  • Apple* (our number one fruit pie)
  • Cherry (plump juicy cherries)
  • Cherry Raspberry (perfect balance and blend)
  • Rhubarb* (its all in the spices)
  • Strawberry Rhubarb* (a true crowd pleaser)
  • Blackberry* (one of our most requested)
  • Raspberry Rhubarb* (Perfect flavor)
  • Blueberry* (wild sweet blueberries)
  • Peach* (Just Peachy!)
  • Peach Blueberry* (a must try!)
  • Mountain Berry* (combo of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry)

    Cream Pies: $13.99
  • Banana Cream* (loaded with banana rich and creamy $13.99)
  • Coconut Cream* (flake coconut and rich cream with a hint of our special extracts)
  • Chocolate Cream (fluffy chocolate that all love)
  • Sour Cream Lemon (lemon pie fill with a sweetened sour cream top)

    Specialty Pies:
  • Double Lemon (tart lemon and lemon pie fill for a perfect mix) $15.99
  • Veyo Volcano (graham cracker shell with a layer of sweet cream cheese Then layers of butterscotch and chocolate with a whipped cream top) $15.99
  • Mud (same as volcano with an oreo shell) $15.99
  • Triple Chocolate (Chocolate pie filling with brownie chunks in the bottom and chocolate whipped cream) $15.99

    Specialty pies done by order only:
  • Pecan (southern style and wonderful) seasonal $15.99
  • Key Lime (its all about those little limes) $15.99
  • Cheesecakes $15.99 (made the way you want with many toppings and fillings.)
  • Pumpkin (this pie is incredible) seasonal $11.99
  • Mincemeat (done the old fashion way not out of a can! ) seasonal $15.99

    Pies with a * next to them can be made sugar free. Sugar free pies are done by order only.

    We can also do many other pies that are not on our top selection!
  • Apple pie, our number 1 fruit pie seller!