The History

of Veyo Pies

30 plus Years of Tradition Continues...

The History of pies in Veyo, Utah goes back about 30 plus years ago when EVELYN DANIELS owned the "Veyo Merc" with her husband Larry. I spoke to Evelyn and she said she started making pies as a way to bring more customers to their store. It worked! Evelyn said it worked so well it became too much for her to do on her own, as any of us who have ever worked in this business know very well from experience; so she hired EVALYN YAW. Evalyn took over the pie business with her own recipes and we all refer to Evalyn Yaw as the single best pie maker in the whole world! Evalyn also started the bakery at the old "Veyo Merc" when Mark and JOAN JENSEN took ownership in 1995. Joan Jensen's biggest pride of their business was the pie business. She trained with Evalyn Yaw and worked hands-on in the bakery whenever she could for ten years! Management of the bakery/pie business transferred to LAUREL TAYLOR (the best manager the old Merc ever had), who diligently kept up on the quality of this tradition along with her dear friend and "right hand" Stephanie Beardsley. I am DEVANEY LOMENICK, I trained with Evalyn Yaw 14 years ago and I worked with Laurel and Steph. I took over management in 2006. In 2008, I along with my crew: Saber Cape, Jillian Bardsley, Cassie Clucas and Rayna Lang won the title "Best pies in Utah 2008" by Salt Lake Magazine. I also need to mention my sons Colton and Matt for their help in achieving this. Sadly the old "Veyo Merc" shut down in 2008, after being a piece of Veyo History for 50 years. I can only say that I am starting a business with my family that carries on a special tradition in this great community. I know what I'm doing, I have experience in this piece of History, and my pie making experience comes from the heart, not a recipe book. I will never claim to be making "Evalyn's pies", I'm only grateful to her for teaching me how to make a "best pie" and to Evelyn Daniels, Joan Jensen and Laurel Taylor: Thank you for allowing me to carry on the tradition! Now this tradition continues with a new History thanks to Don and Curtis Lomenick and my children Colten, J.D., and Lauren. SO HERE'S TO HISTORY AND TRADITION..... FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS!